MathSlice Special
Please read each question and select the best answer. Please try to answer all the questions. After answering the questions, select the submit button at the bottom of the page. There is no time limit for this test.

1.  A journey of thousand miles starts with a ...
 A  new car  B  spring break
 C  race  D  step

2.  A stitch in time saves ...
 A  cloth  B  money
 C  nine  D  time

3.  A bird in hand is worth ...
 A  nothing  B  a meal
 C  two in the bush  D  a million

4.  Prevention is better than ...
 A  medicine  B  doctor
 C  invention  D  cure

5.  Slow and steady wins the ...
 A  race  B  Olympics
 C  heart  D  game

6.  Time and tide wait for ...
 A  one  B  none
 C  all  D  wave

7.  Rome was not built in a ...
 A  day  B  week
 C  year  D  hurry

8.  A friend in need is a friend ...
 A  indeed  B  for ever
 C  of mine  D  together

9.  A picture is worth a thousand ...
 A  colors  B  words
 C  letters  D  books

10.  Necessity is the mother of ...
 A  loan  B  invention
 C  child  D  discovery

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