MathSlice Special
Important: Think twice before you answer! Have fun.
Please read each question and select the best answer. Please try to answer all the questions. After answering the questions, select the submit button at the bottom of the page. There is no time limit for this test.

1.  How many triangles are there in the following picture?

 A  1  B  3
 C  4  D  5

2.  What is the meaning of Hakuna Matata?
 A  Happy song  B  No worries
 C  No food  D  No lions around

3.  You are playing a serious chess game. How many times you have to roll the dice before moving your king?

 A  Once  B  Twice
 C  Thrice  D  None

4.  Which of the following is the longest word?
 A  backyard  B  grinch
 C  smile  D  football

5.  You are watching the clock in a mirror. What time is it?

 A  7:10  B  6:50
 C  5:10  D  9:50

6.  A square is to rectangle as a circle is to __?
 A  Cone  B  Cylinder
 C  Ellipse  D  Curve

7.  Which of the following can run?
 A    B  
 C    D  

8.  If A is Z and B is Y then the word HNZIG means ..

9.  What keeps the doctor away?
 A  Orange  B  Medicine
 C  Insurance  D  Apple

10.  2 mothers and 2 daughters went to store. How many minimum number of hats they have to buy so that each one gets a new hat?
 A  2  B  3
 C  4  D  5

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