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  • To encourage and motivate 3rd grade to 8th grade students to excel in their upcoming state exams (ex:TAKS,ECLA,PASS,ISAT) we are conducting this test.
  • The test will have 20 multiple choice questions.
  • The students are not expected to understand all the questions or know all the answers in the test.(as some questions are taken from next grade level).
  • You are competing against your own grade students, so don't worry about answering all questions.
  • We will give at least 8 trophies for each grade.
  • Teachers and Parents - please encourage your students/children to take the test.
  • The results will be announced on 21st February,2011.
  • Please note that we do not send trophies outside the Continental United States.(Sorry!!)
  • Good luck to you all.


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