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User Name: Pradeep
Address: Baangalore, Karnataka, India
Question: Pradeep wants to estimate the sum of 79, 26 and 57 to the nearest 10's. What is the estimated Sum? Answer: 160 (162 to the nearest 10 would be 160). But in the site shows that the right answer as 170.

Name:Webmaster Date:2006-03-20 08:03:54
Address:Dallas, TX, USA
You are correct in a way. But, normally we round (to the nearest 10's or 100's) the individual numbers and then add them up - it is an estimate. Instead of that, if we do the hard work of adding all the numbers and then rounding the sum is not giving us a quick way of estimating. Comments are welcome.
Name:Pradeep Date:2006-03-21 00:39:31
Address:Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Hi, The reasoning seems to be logical. Am satisfied with the answer. Thanks & Regards, Pradeep.
Name:Marcus Date:2006-03-22 16:42:47
Address:New Paris, Pennsylvania, Bedford
I think you've got the wrong answer and if I was a teacher I would mark the answer wrong.And then you would get a lower grade.

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