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User Name: Pradeep
Address: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Question: Brandon wants to estimate the sum of 447 and 723 to the nearest 100's. What is the estimated sum? Answer: The answer given was 1100 but the answer should have been 1200 (1170 to the nearest 100 would be 1200).

Name:Webmaster Date:2006-03-25 07:24:21
Address:Dallas, TX, USA
447 is rounded to 400 and 723 is rounded to 700, so the estimate is 1100.
Name:Pradeep Date:2006-03-31 01:03:04
Address:Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Hi, Rounding should be done after the operation (in our case addition) is performed. Individual numbers should not be rounded. Thanks & Regards, Pradeep.

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