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User Name: Sal
Address: Fresno, CA, USA
a t-rex can only run 2 mph

Name:Vani Date:2006-03-05 02:08:25
Address:Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
a t-rex can run faster than that
Name:cynthia Date:2006-03-19 00:03:55
Address:savannah, georgia, USA
a t-rex certainly can run faster than that.where do you get your information from,sal?
Name:Jamal Date:2006-03-23 08:39:58
Address:willingboro, New Jersey, United States
A T REX Is super fast where did you get info
Name:Jamal Date:2006-03-28 08:37:07
Address:Willingboro, New Jersey, USA
I dont really know i never seen it in real life so i guessed
Name:Brett Date:2006-03-28 08:37:14
Address:Willingboro, New York
a t-rex can run a lot faster than that with its long legs it has an atvantage
Name:Brandi Haskins Date:2006-03-28 09:13:46
Address:Willingboro, New Jersey, United States
A t rex can run really fast so.
Name:Aleah Date:2006-03-28 09:14:08
Address:wilingboro, nj, usa
no a t rex can run slow because of its long legs
Name:aleah Date:2006-03-28 09:17:20
Address:Willingboro, NJ, USA
t-rex runs slow I saw one
Name:gilbert barnhart Date:2006-05-05 07:09:14
Address:ballinger, tx, united states
thay can run faster than that.
Name:amary Date:2006-09-21 14:10:36
Address:riverdale, md, usa
I guess we do not really know the answer, because we have never seen one alive

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