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Sample Test
Please read each question and select the best answer. Please try to answer all the questions. After answering the questions, select the submit button at the bottom of the page.

The sample is just for 3rd grade students and please note that the complexity of the questions changes with each grade.

1.  The numbers on the tiles follow a pattern.

9 13 17 21 25 29  

Find the next number in the pattern.
 A  33  B  31
 C  35  D  32

2.  Each shape is divided into 12 equal parts. What fraction represents the shaded portion? Mark your answer.

 A   9
 B   10
 C   7
 D   8

3.  What decimal number represents the shaded portion? Mark your answer.

 A  150  B  1.5
 C  0.15  D  15

4.  Sophia started her tennis at 4:55 P.M. Which clock is showing that time? Mark your answer.
 A    B  
 C    D  

5.  Isabella bought a box of popsicles. The graph below shows how many of each flavor was in the box. How many total popsicles are there? Mark your answer.
n u m b e r   o f   p o p s i c l e s   10          
  apple mango banana    
  popsicle flavors
 A  11  B  10
 C  9  D  15

6.  There are 18 heart shaped candies in a box. 3 candies are red, 5 candies are black, 4 candies are yellow and 6 candies are pink.

If Ryan picks a candy from the box without looking, what are the chances of picking a black candy? Mark your answer.
 A  5 out of 18  B  5 out of 13
 C  4 out of 18  D  1 out of 13

7.  Andrew went to a fruit shop with his mother. Andrew counted 10 bananas, 11 oranges, and 3 cantaloupes in their shopping cart. How many fruits did Andrew count? Mark your answer.
 A  24  B  21
 C  13  D  14

8.  What is the perimeter of the shape?

Mark your answer.
 A  15 cm  B  12 cm
 C  8 cm  D  16 cm

9.  The width of the shaded rectangle is 5 inches and the height is 15 inches. What is the area of the shaded rectangle ? Mark your answer.

 A  90 square inches  B  75 square inches
 C  70 square inches  D  20 square inches

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