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Smart KIDS

Aren't our kids Smart? We are pretty sure that your child out-smarted you a number of times. We are soon going to start a new feature called 'Smart Kids'! If you want to share a story of your smart kid (i.e. how your child out-smarted you), please send us the brief story, along with a picture of your child. With the current digital technology, it is very easy to manipulate/enhance the picture. You can use Barbie, Sleeping Beauty, Mermaid, Yu-Gi-Oh, BatMan, SuperMan and other favorite cartoons/characters with the face of your child. Send the picture and the story to [email protected]

PS: For first 10 entries, we will do the image manipulation. Send your child picture and his/her favorite character name (or image).

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send us an email

Here is an example of how a picture can be manipulated/enhanced.


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