MathSlice Special
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1.  Samantha went to a fruit shop with her mother. Samantha counted 8 mangos, 11 pears, and 19 lemons in their shopping cart. How many fruits did Samantha count? Mark your answer.
 A  19  B  30
 C  27  D  38

2.  David bought 5 fudge cakes. If each fudge cake has 8 slices, then how many slices are there altogether?
 A  40  B  45
 C  35  D  13

3.  John collected 3 lilies, 8 daffodils and 9 roses from a garden. How many lilies and roses did John collect? Mark your answer.
 A  11  B  20
 C  17  D  12

4.  Diana bought 9 bags of cucumbers and 12 bags of bell peppers. Each bag of cucumbers has 10 cucumbers and each bag of bell peppers has 6 bell peppers. What is the total number of cucumbers and bell peppers? Mark your answer.
 A  210  B  126
 C  162  D  37

5.  Nicholas bought 4 bunches of roses. If each bunch of roses has 6 roses, then how many roses are there altogether?
 A  28  B  10
 C  24  D  20

6.  Joshua went to a flower show with his mother. Joshua counted 2 lilies, 9 daffodils, and 10 tulips at the show. How many flowers did Joshua count? Mark your answer.
 A  12  B  21
 C  11  D  19

7.  Joseph went to a fruit shop with his mother. Joseph counted 4 cantaloupes, 5 papayas, and 3 watermelons in their shopping cart. How many fruits did Joseph count? Mark your answer.
 A  9  B  12
 C  7  D  8

8.  Samantha bought 7 bunches of daisies. If each bunch of daisies is priced at $6.40, then what is the total price? Mark your answer.
 A  $13.40  B  $38.40
 C  $51.20  D  $44.80

9.  David bought 3 cantaloupes and his friend Brandon bought 2 watermelons. The price of each cantaloupe is $1.50 and the price of each watermelon is $4.50. What is the total price of the fruits David and Brandon bought together? Mark your answer.
 A  $7.50  B  $11.00
 C  $13.50  D  $22.50

10.  John bought 2 cheese cakes and one chocolate chip cake. The price of each cheese cake is $9.00 and the price of chocolate chip cake is $14.00. What is the total price? Mark your answer.
 A  $42.00  B  $32.00
 C  $23.00  D  $27.00

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